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CheckB.IN will help you protect your money. Ask how it is possible?
Because the best protection is the knowledge you can get on this site.
Let’s start with the basic information. What’s a BIN number?

Although the official name is Issuer Identification Number (IIN), most people use the acceptable form of BIN (Bank Identification Number).
This is simply the first 6 digits of the card number.

Card ISO number meaning

The first digit is Major Industry Identifier (MII) and indicates the category best describing the card issuer.
The first digit represents the following categories:
0 –  ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments,
1 – Airlines,
2 – Airlines, financial and other future industry assignments,
3 – Travel and entertainment,
4,5 – Banking and financial,
6 – Merchandising and banking/financial,
7 – Petroleum and other future industry assignments,
8 – Healthcare, telecommunications and other future industry assignments,
9 – For assignment by national standards bodies

The next 5 digits identify the issuer who issued the card to us.
The first six digits system consists of a BIN number (Bank Identification Number) / IIN (Issuer Identification Number).

The next digits are the identifiers of the account number of the customer who is the card holder.

The very last digit is called “check digit” calculated on the basis of the Luhna algorithm.

It allows you to check whether a given number of digits has been entered correctly or if there has been a mistake (eg we have changed the order of numbers, omitted or added a number).

The check digit has an important function especially during online transactions.
When we give the card number, our computer based on the algorithm performs instant mathematical calculations and verifies the accuracy of our record.
The computer receiving the data (ie the computer of the seller) performs the same operation.

Thanks to this, the check digit is an additional form of security for online non-cash transactions – we are not able to “falsify” the card number in such a way that the payment will be charged to the account of another person.

Important! The customer’s account number is not the same as the bank account number.

Okay, but how the knowledge about BIN number can help me?

Thanks to our database, you can check whether the person paying by card for your services or goods uses a card from the place of delivery of goods or services. It’s better to be careful than to regret it later.